Best Budget Gaming PC – Recommended Gaming Computers.

Looking for the best budget gaming PC in your price range? then read on.


It is great to have a budget and stick to it when looking for gaming PC. It is easy to get sucked into buying something that has more than you need, or has a fancy design which ups the price. For those looking for the best budget gaming PC you have come to right place. We want to find you a PC that is ideal for your budget and does exactly what it promises at the right price. So with this in mind we realized that people have different budgets so we decided to find the best budget gaming PC in 4 different price brackets, that being budgets of $1000,$800 and $600 and for those on a really tight budget $500. Anything below that and your not really getting a gaming computer.

So depending on your budget scroll down the page for the recommended best budget gaming PC in your price range.

For those with a budget of $1000.


CyberpowerPC Gamer Aqua GLC2160 Desktop (Black/Blue)

We chose this on the back of some glowing reviews and our personal testing of this computer. When you look at the components that the computer is built with it is easy to see why this is one hell of a gaming computer and certainly one of the best budget gaming PC’s in the $1000 bracket.

So lets look inside this awesome gaming rig to see what it has to offer.

For a start it houses the Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge / 3.5GHz (Max 3.9GHz). This is one of the top processors around at the moment and that taking into account the new 4th generation Intel CPU’s.

Backed up with a decent 8 DDR3 RAM and a great NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 1GB Dedicated Video Memory graphics card, this will play most games at maxed out settings. As always you can always upgrade components in the future if need be.


For those with a budget of $800.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXi990 Desktop (Black/Red)


We came to the easy decision that this was our choice for best budget gaming PC for those with a budget of $800.

So lets look at why.

For a start is houses one Intel top CPU’s at the present time. The Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge / 3.5GHz Max 3.9GHz, is a great processor and is an overclocker’s dream. It has proven with time that this CPU can handle pretty much anything thrown at it. With 8GB of DDR3 RAM this is one slick set up.

The graphics are taken care off with the impressive NVIDIA GeForce GT620 2GB. This can easily be upgraded later to freshen things up as games become more demanding and power hungry.

With a huge 1024 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive, there will be no worrying about available space.


For those with a budget of $600.


CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Desktop


For those with looking for the best budget gaming PC in and around the $600 mark this gaming computer is for you.

With the impressive AMD fx_series_quad_core_fx_4100 Processor 3.6GHz processor running the show you know you have got a CPU capable of running your most demanding games. 8GB of DDR3 RAM have been installed to keep the computer running smoothly with room to spare.

The NVIDIA GT610 graphics card is again a great addition to this gaming set up. Although this is not the best graphics card around at the moment it is still highly regarded and can easily be upgraded when prices drop on the high end cards.

The 1024 GB SATA III hard drive gives you all the room you need to install and run your favorite games.


For those with a budget of $500.


iBuyPower GAMER POWER AM649FX Desktop


For those looking for the best budget gaming PC with $500 or less to spend this the best gaming computer for you.

Lets look under the bonnet of this gaming PC and see why we think this is the best budget gaming PC for you.

The AMD FX-4130 Processor 3.8 GHz processor is a proven and reliable CPU and great for those looking to game on a budget. It offer less of the thrills of the Intel processors but still holds its own.

With 8GB of DDR3 RAM you can’t ask for much more at this price range. 8GB’s by the way is easily enough.

The AMD Radeon HD 6450 is a good card not amazing but for the money you are paying for the gaming system this is more than you could have hopes for. It will still play games such as battlefield 3 at high settings and give you great gaming experience. Remember you can easily upgrade to the Radeon 7000 series when you have saved up.


So they were our recommended choices of best budget gaming PC in each price range. We hope we have helped you find your perfect gaming computer.


Happy gaming from all at

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