Best Power Supply For Gaming.

Understanding what makes for the best power supply for gaming.

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The power supply is a vital part of your gaming setup. If you think about it, it can be seen as the lynch pin of the whole setup. It needs to supply a reliable source of power to every component in the computer. If the power supply becomes unreliable the computer will not be functional. A common mistake a lot of people make when looking for the best power supply for gaming is to buy a cheaply built power supply. They see it has a high wattage output and automatically think that means it will be good.

Don’t be fooled by integrated power supplies.

You need to be looking for power supplies made by companies such as Corsair and Cooler Master. The power supplies produced by these two companies are the benchmark for this technology. They are generally regarded as the most reliable of brands. They also produce power supplies which adhere to the ATX format. this basically means they are designed to fit into ATX form factor gaming cases.  Furthermore they are designed to work specifically with the sort of high end processors used in gaming such as the i3,  i5  and i7 intel processors.

Modular or Non-modular- which one is the best power supply for gaming

You should really know what this means but if you don’t click on the main power supply page for a better understanding.

Modular power supplies are generally seen as advantageous to those who have very high powered systems, and require the tidiest internal cable configuration for air flow.

However for the majority of systems a non-modular power supply is perfectly acceptable. In most system there’s not really many  cables that are not used.

How much power do I need?

These days you don’t want a power supply with a rating any less than 750 watts.  Don’t be fooled by the cheap power supplies thrown in  when buying a computer case. They may be 750 Watts or above but they will not be a reliable. Make sure too buy your power supply separately from your case.

Those with a high budget can look at higher wattage power supplies. Power supplies with a rating of 1000 watts and over will mean it will work under less stress.

Recommended power supplies

Its now time to look at the best power supply for gaming in the modular and non-modular configuration.






 I hope this has helped you decide what you think is the best power supply for gaming.

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