Gaming Computers Under 500

gaming computers under 500

Looking for gaming computers under 500 dollars?

It is perfectly possible to find gaming computers under 500 dollars which match your gaming needs. It just means looking a little harder. This is why we decided to help you with this post. Because finding gaming computers under 500 dollars that are actually worth buying is a great thing for those who can’t afford to splash out huge amounts of money on their setup.

So here goes, we have compiled a shortlist of two gaming computers under 500 dollars that we have bought ourselves and tested and would like to recommend to you.


iBuyPower GAMER POWER AM649FX Desktop


This is a great choice for those looking for gaming computers under 500 dollars. Lets look at what makes this such a good value for money computer.

Processor wise it comes with the AMD FX-4130 Processor 3.8 GHz. This is a good CPU and will give you a reliable processing unit. It is helped along by 8 GB of DDR3 RAM easily enough to keep it running smoothly. You my not be able to max out your favorite games with this set up but for the money you have on the table this computer will give you a good gaming experience

The AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics card is also another great feature of this computer and will give you a good gaming frame rate and fluid graphics.

The 1024 GB 5400 hard drive is a large enough drive that you wont ever need to worry about not having enough storage space.


CybertronPC Trooper Gaming PC (Black)



This is our other choice for those looking for gaming computers under 500 dollars. In is quite similar in spec to our other choice above and offers a great gaming experience for its low price tag.

So lets look at what it has to offer.

With the AMD A4 3400 APU 2.7  Hz A-Series Dual Core A4 processor this is quite a nippy number. obviously nowhere near the new intel CPU’s but with a budget of $500 you have to expect a little less the best. Then again if you have that budget you are not expecting to buy high end computers.

The graphics are integrated AMD Radeon HD6410D. but this is not all bad. Integrated graphics can now achieve impressive results and it is true of this set up, However be warned there is no room to upgrade if you wanted to by a graphic card as there is no spare PCI Express x16 slots on the motherboard. This is the only downside to this computer. However for those looking for a reliable gaming experience for a relatively small budget then this is a great set up.

8 GB of DDR3 RAM keeps the processor up to speed, And a 500 GB SATA is easily enough for your storage needs.


So there you go, we give you two gaming computers under 500 dollars. We hope this has helped you make a decision over what computer best suites your needs and budget.

From all at, happy gaming.


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