Gaming Computers Under 600

Looking for gaming computers under 600 dollars? Then read on..


If your budget is $600 or below then you have to approach looking for gaming computers under 600 dollars with a bit of caution. There are a lot of gaming PC’s around this price mark that claim to offer you budget PC that can play every game under the sun.

Don’t get me wrong there are computers around this price mark that will offer you a great gaming experience its just a matter of weeding them out of the crowded market place. Luckily for you we put aside some time to look at gaming computer under 600 dollars and find the ones which offered both a great price to you and also packed in an awesome gaming experience.

It was not easy but we did, and we manged to narrow it down to just 2 computers.

So here goes here are our two choices for best gaming computers under 600 dollars.


CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Desktop (Black/Blue)



So lets take an in depth look at what makes this such a popular gaming computer.

For a start it houses the 3.6 GHz FX-Series Quad-Core FX-4100 processor from AMD. This partly what keeps the price of the computer down. Because although it is an amazing 4 core CPU it is made by AMD who sell there processors for a lot cheaper than Intel. This means you get a great card that is only a fraction under the performance levels of the Intel cards at a lower price.

The graphics card is from Nvidia and is the NVIDIA GT610. This is a great card. Although quite a few cards back in the Nvidia series this is still a power card and can be easily upgraded when you decide to.

With 8GB of DDR3 RAM you have more than enough to future proof your gaming experience.

It also comes with a wopping 1024 GB SATA III hard drive.

Our verdict:

For those looking for a gaming computers under 600 dollars you will not be disappointed. Although some components namely the graphics card are a little behind what out now, for the money this computer is a steel and can easily be upgraded in most areas


iBuyPower GAMER POWER AM699 Desktop (Black)


This is another computer we feel will serve those looking for gaming computers under 600 dollars well. Ok it won’y be able to play all the latest games on maxed out setting straight off the shelf, but it is great for those a budget. Like said previously you can always upgrade components namely the graphics card to improve the computer in the future.

So lets look at the components it comes with.

It comes a the steady AMD FX-4130 (3.8GHz) processor which will serve you well. It is backed up with a very decent 8GB of DDR3 RAM..

The graphics card is the AMD Radeon 6670 1GB, which is a good card but my struggle with some of the newer games on high settings. This is where you need to think about upgrading in the future, though for the moment this card is good enough.

It comes with a 1000 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive which is easily enough for all your games.


Our Verdict.

A great computer for under $600 and with the possibility of upgrading in the future your getting a  good deal.


So there were our two choices for those looking for gaming computers under 600 dollars.

Happy gaming from all at





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