Gaming PC Under 400 -Recommeded Gaming Computers

If your looking for a gaming PC under 400 dollars then you have a few options.

Unfortunately you have to realize that you might need to spend a little more. However and most importantly it is not a lot more. We have taken the time to find you two great choices one which will you set you back an extra $60 dollars and one an extra $80. This still makes these computers bargains for the high specs they have to offer, and will give you a great gaming experience at the low price you have been looking for. Even better there is every chance for you to upgrade components at a later date to keep it up to date.

So don’t be to disappointed if you are looking for a gaming pc under 400 dollars, these great choices are the lowest in price we could find that will offer you a good gaming experience. In actual fact we did try to look for a gaming pc under 400 dollars which was actually any good, but they don’t exist.

Okay so lets look at your two choices.

iBuyPower GAMER POWER AM649FX Desktop



First up is the IBUYPOWER GAMER POWER AM649FX. This a great choice and comes in at only $72 over your preferred price. For those looking for gaming pc under 400 dollars this is not huge amount of extra money to spend


It offers some great specs that will give you a great gaming experience at a budget price. Lets look at what it as to offer. For a start it houses the AMD Radeon HD 6450. This a sturdy graphics card and will offer you  smooth game play on the higher settings in games and great frame rates.

It also comes with a AMD FX-4130 Processor 3.8 GHz, a great AMD processor that can handle the high demands of a gaming computer. The processor is backed up with an impressive  8 GB of DDR3 RAM.

It comes with a 1024 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive, big enough and fast enough to install and play all your favorite games.

Next up…

CybertronPC Trooper Gaming PC


This is closer to the mark price wise for those looking for a gaming PC under 400 dollars.

This one is more for the casual or occasional gamer. Although still a great gaming PC. It specs are slightly below that of the IBUYPOWER GAMER POWER AM649FX. For a start it offers you AMD Radeon HD 6410D integrated graphics. This means that the computer does not have its own dedicated graphics card. This is not the end of the world however as integrated graphics have improved vastly in the last few years, so gaming can still be enjoyable and of a high standard.

On the processor from it offer you the 2.7 GHz AMD A4-3400 dual-core processor, which is good enough to handle games on reasonable settings. It also comes with an impressive 8 GB of DDR3 RAM.

It also comes with a 500 GB hard drive, which is a decent amount of storage.


We hope we have helped you in your quest to find a good budget gaming computer. We apologize for not being able to offer you a gaming PC under 400 dollars but in our research we found that anything below that mark was not capable of offering you a decent gaming experience.



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