LGA 1150 motherboards-Introducing the new Z87 chipset

Looking for top gaming LGA 1150 motherboards?


Then read our review of the two new LGA 1150 motherboards from Asus which are both perfect for your new gaming build.


LGA 1150 motherboards
ASUS is the largest motherboard manufacturer in the world, holding about 40% of the market share. On their website they state that 1 out of every 3 motherboard is manufactured by ASUS. This statement is very much inline with their 40% market share. So there is a good chance that you have used one of their motherboards, even if you haven’t heard of them as motherboard manufacturers.
Last month ASUS launched over a dozen LGA 1150  motherboards.  The Taiwanese company furnishes its regular looking boards with the ultimate force (TUF) and Republic of Gamers (RoG) versions. With this new roll out ASUS has confirmed that it is not solely relying on the technology of the even more integrated Intel processors. In this article we are going to look at 2 LGA 1150 motherboards for  Asus, these will be the Sabertooth Z87 and Z87 plus motherboard

The new TUF Z87 chipset LGA 1150 motherboards are designed for the Haswell new LGA 1150 processors. The TUF series focusses more on durability and reliability rather than tons of customer features or heroic levels of overclocking.


Overclocking Performance


The overclocking performance of the Sabertooth Z87 is above the baseline of other Z87 models. The tweaking performance is very much on par with what you’ll find with other motherboards of the series.  The overclocking performance of the Z87 PLUS is not as good as Sabertooth Z87 but by tweaking its performance it can match it.
When overclocked, the Haswell range of processor do heat up very fast, so an efficient cooling is highly recommended.




The TUF thermal heat sinks in both these motherboards use air cooling through single fans which pushes the air to internal components.  However the cooling features of the Z87 Sabertooth is more robust compared to Z87 PLUS.




The 8 SATA ports on both models are quiet pleasing. All 8 are 6GB per second ports.




BIOS wise there are multiple power delivery and voltage control levels to handle any tweaking concerns.




Z87 PLUS and Sabertooth Z87 provide full audio support for 6 channels with impressive quality. The audio results are well above expectation.


Final Verdict


As far as the hardware is concerned, ASUS has made it hard for most to decide which board to go for.  The enthusiast in me would go for the Z87 Sabertooth because of its robust cooling and better over clocking performance but frankly speaking Z87 PLUS does most of things that Z87 Sabertooth do.

It all depends whether you want to spend that little bit more on the Sabertooth. Whatever you choose you know you will have made a great choice when looking into LGA 1150 motherboards.



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