Best Gaming Processor

Choosing the best gaming processor.

Skip to the bottom of article for recommended LGA 2011 and LGA 1155 processors. Otherwise read on:

I will be concentrating on Intel processors for this article as I personal think they have a superior selection.

Good things come in small packages.

Having a high end processor in your gaming pc build is vital. As the processor is in effect the brain of the computer. Most serious high end computer builders will dedicate a large amount of their budget to buying the best gaming processor available for their setup. In a lot of cases people will base the rest of the build purely around what processor they want for there gaming pc build.

The core issue.

OK so your rolling your eyes at the subheading, fair enough.

On a serious note and what I really mean by my catchy 3 word line is that all modern processors are expanding the amount of cores they incorporate into a single processor. With processors on the market with up to 8 or more cores. Its easy to get carried away by what you actually need.

Learn more about cores here

Modern games at the moment are programmed mainly to work with ease with dual core or quad core processors and will be this way for a while yet.

However if you are looking for the best gaming processor with the most power possible and have no spending limit then you  can go up to hex core (6) and behind. These processors will mainly be on whats called the LGA 2011 and 1366 socket. This is the socket on the motherboard which it matches up. Make sure the socket on the motherboard matches the socket number of the processor. It will always be clearly marked on both the processor and the motherboard.

LGA socket 2011 vs LGA socket 1155 processors.

So which processor type is the best processor for gaming. I would personally recommend the LGA 1155 socket processors purely because  Intel seems to be furthering the development of processors on this socket type. The slightly more powerful processors on the 2011 socket may offer more cores. However with gaming yet to use anymore than 4 cores in the near future for the gamer it may be worth sticking with a lga 1156 processors and saving some money for a better graphics card.

For those who can easily just upgrade to a completely new system without the worry of cost then the lga 2011 processors may just be for you. With this iin mind i have listed below my top recommendations for both the LGA 1155 and 2011 socket processors.

Best gaming processor recommendations:

LGA 1155 processors:

(priced: Highest to Lowest.)

LGA 2011 Processors:




I hope this article has helped you  in your quest for the best gaming processor for your setup.




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