Best Graphics Card for Gaming 2013 – Our review

We look at the best graphics card for gaming 2013 from both Nvidia and AMD



Industry based rivalry is commonplace in the world of technology and consumers are often left squandering when asked to pick sides and select the right product. Be it Intel against AMD in the microprocessors space, Apple against Samsung in the mobile space – competition often polarizes and personal bias takes priority over judicious and wise judgment. This is very much what has happened even in the graphics card industry, with two major players Nvidia and AMD battling it out for supremacy in the segment of high end affordable graphics card. The manufacturers primarily cater to the die-hard gamer who is restricted by the qualms of a budget. We have identified and reviewed the best graphics card for gaming 2013 from each Nvidia and AMD as below –






The GTX 770, a customizable unit from the stables of NVIDIA, combines the raw power factor along with unmatched efficiency. The best card is a custom version by the name of Galaxy GTX 770GC. This is undoubtedly the best graphics card for gaming 2013 from NVIDIA with a base clock of 1063MHz and a boost clock of 1110MHz. The memory in this custom unit is at a staggering 4GB which is unique compared to its competition.  This enables it to do wonders when there is a limited situation for a frame buffer. The heat sink unit in the card doesn’t do wonders at lowering the temperature of the unit, but certainly works its charm in the acoustics department – thereby lowering audible noise levels. For those who are extremely concerned about the visual aspects of any component, this video card will fit in just right! With a good design scheme, and its custom factor, this should be featured high up in the shopping list of hardcore gamers at a price of about $450




The best graphics card for gaming 2013 from AMD is certainly the Sapphire HD 7970 OC 3GB by long shot. The unit comes factory overclocked, which is music to the ears of gaming fanatics. Sapphire has also loaded two unique clock frequencies with unique BIOS on the card. There is an output for HDMI 1.4a with 3D support, which is standard for a graphics card of this price range. There is also the option to daisy-chain multiple displays via the display port output which is now a handy feature. The card is perfect for enthusiasts and the cards really did impress us with its results. The facility of a Dual-X cooling unit which entailed the use of copper conduits also vastly aided the overall dynamics of the piece. The card has been built to embrace the process of overclocking and did exceedingly well in that sphere. Leaving aside a few drawbacks like a characteristic whining noise emitted during operation which can be irritating at times, this card is a whole package and an absolute delight to be fuelling the graphical needs of your high spec desktop gaming personal computer. Best piece from AMD for the year!

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