Best Graphics Card For Gaming.

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What to look for when choosing the best graphics card for gaming.

Anyone who has looked into building their own gaming computer will have heard endless amounts of talk about the graphics card.  So much so that it can often seem a confusing task to choose the best graphics card for gaming.

Understanding that the graphics card it just one part of your setup will enable you to choose the best graphics card for your particular build.

Best graphics card for YOUR setup= Best graphics card for gaming.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a graphics which is much more powerful than the rest of you setup. The secret to a good gaming computer is to make sure all your components are well balanced.

There is no point having an amazing graphics card if your processor and RAM aren’t going to match it.

Decide what your overall budget for you gaming computer will be.

If your budget for you gaming build is not an issue then you have an easy job. Just buy the most powerful components in each area that are compatible with one another.

If however you are on a budget you have to put a little more thought into it. you will not be buying the top model for each component. Therefore you need to decide how many models down to choose. This is in order to keep within your budget. But at the same time making sure your graphics card is powerful enough for your needs.

Its easy, there’s only two companies to choose from.

There is one problem with this statement. That is that each company always seem to have a vast number of models to choose from.

However don’t be too put off by this. There are only a few models you really need to concentrate on as a gaming computer builder. I will list these for you at the bottom of the page.

Just like AMD and Intel battle for dominance in the world of processors,  so do AMD and Nvidia in the realm of graphics cards.

AMD vs Nvidia.

AMD make Radeon cards where as Nvidia make Geforce cards. Both have their admirer’s, although Nvidia are seen as the more premium and better brand. AMD still have their followers and are often a great choice for those looking for a slightly cheaper option.

Best graphics card for gaming:

Below are my recommended graphics from both AMD and Nvidia.  Based on price, performance and user popularity.


Nvidia graphics cards:



AMD Radeon graphics cards:


 I hope this post has helped in your search for the best graphics card for gaming.


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