Best i5 Processor For Gaming

Looking for the best i5 processor for gaming?


Introducing the i5-4670K


                               Better value


A 3.4-GHz Quad-Core processor with 6 MB Cache is a dream come true for an avid gamer. The Haswell i5-4670K delivers this and much more, making it the best i5 CPU in the world for gaming. The 4670K takes on from its predecessor, the 3570K and offers more power and speed at just a slightly higher price tag. There are many reasons why the i5-4670K is Best i5 Processor For Gaming.

The i5-4670K has a peak clock speed of 3.8 GHz with Turbo Boost. The 4th generation processor is also ideal for Overclocking. Tests involving Overclocking to 4GHz found the processor still performed very well. The processor maintained its stability even at a peak clock speed of 4.8 GHz. It delivers the highest level of performance when pushed for multitasking.

It supports the fastest memory of DDR3-1600. Because of the unlocked clock multiplier, the processor offers dramatic Overclocking potential. The i5-4670K is the Best i5 Processor For Gaming because it delivers a performance which is far beyond what is needed for the current games.

The i5-4670K is the bestt i5 Processor For Gaming for another reason – integration of many new technologies. This includes the Intel Wireless Display or WiDi that enables users to transmit their PC display to an adaptor or a smart TV for mirroring everything on the PC screen.

                                Better value


Some of the other notable features in the i5-4670K include energy efficient performance that enables it to handle the most data-intensive processes. Anyone who wants to enjoy the next generation of Battle Field, Crysis or Bioshock will find that the i5-4670K is more than capable.

The more you explore about the i5-4670K, the more you  realize that it is designed more for the gamer and less for the regular users. For example it has far more speed than a regular data-processing user would need.

The CPU temperature is a major concern for gamers. The i5-4670K maintains a temperature of around 35°C when it is in idle use. When over clocked to 4.6 GHz, it maintains a temperature below 80°C which is ideal for the gaming world considering the number of GHz it can clock. That the i5-4670K is an upgrade to the legendary i5 3570K gaming processor which say a great deal a lot about this new Haswell processor.

The i7-4770K is the nearest competitor to the i5-4670K. The i5 is just a 100MHz slower at stock speed, but it makes up for that small difference in the price segment. There is no i5 on the horizon that could compete with the 4670K, and it is not far away from the i7 4770k There is only a slight difference in terms of MHz, hyperthreading and cache, and it is still miles ahead of other i5’s when it comes to gaming. Thus, the i5-4670K is the best i5 Processor For Gaming by a big huge margin.

                            Better value.



We hope we have helped you find the best i5 processor for gaming.

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