Best RAM For Gaming – Our Recommendation

Looking for the best Ram for gaming? Introducing the Corsair Vengeance 16GB:



Best RAM For Gaming


Choosing RAM for your gaming computer is similar to choosing a processor. You need to keep in mind what your future need will be.  Decent RAM is a must for running your computer effectively and smoothly. You might be able to play games with out dated RAM but you won’t experience a smooth performance, also many features will be disabled in order to free up memory elsewhere. Gamer’s who are looking to build a new computer or buy one must ask the question what is the best RAM for gaming/


 Understand Your Gaming Needs.

You’ll find many companies claiming to make the best RAM for gaming but not all are as good as they say they are, especially when it is going to be used in a gaming computer.  The Corsair Vengeance is designed keeping in mind the overclocking needs of a gaming PC. These DDR3 memory modules  provide excellent overclocking results on the latest and future generation AMD and Intel platforms. The memory modules of the vengeance series work at 1.5 volts to ensure energy efficiency and compatibility. Aluminum heat sinks and spreaders ensure that heat is efficiently dissipated while giving you an aggressive look for your gaming system. Above all, the affordable price of this RAM will leave lot of space in your budget.

Easy to Match for Compatibility

The Vengeance PRO 16 GB kit comprises of two modules of 8GB with rated speed of 1.866 MHz. To run the kit at its rated speed, Intel XMPs in the BIOS must be enabled. Make sure that the BIOS of your motherboard have this function before buying the kit. The DDR3 memory is also available in single module as well as two are three module kits which makes it easier to match it with the motherboard’s DIMM population requirements.


Easy To Handle


Most high speed RAMs comes with Geiger-esque fins which are difficult to insert and remove. Corsair Vengeance Pro comes with a bar that run along the top edge of the body, allowing for easy removal and gripping.




Whether you are looking to invest in the 4th generation Haswell system or the older Ivy Bridge units, Corsair Vengeance Pro is tuned to work equally well with both.


Affordable Price

Whether it be performance or physical design Corsair Vengeance Pro is the best RAM for gaming. It is also avalaible at an attractively low price. The 16GB kit costs less then two packs of Kingston’s HyperX Beast 8GB kits. If you are looking for a high quality 16GB memory kit that guarantees excellent performance for your gaming computer, Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB kit is what you should get.


We hope this article has helped you in your quest to find the best ram for gaming.

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