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Looking for the best water cooling kit?.

Introducing the Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler:


Best Water Cooling Kit

All contained liquid coolers (ALCs) have become the mainstay of the water cooling kit market. They have really helped bridge the gap between custom water cooling and air cooling systems.  Corsair confidently took on this lucrative market and now they have established themselves as the best water cooling kit producers for computers.

Their Hydro series has remained quiet popular over the last couple of year, particularly the H100 is regarded as one the best water cooling kit series.
Let’s review Corsair Hydro Series Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler and find out what new features does it have.


Self-contained Cooling


The best thing about Corsair Hydro Series is that it comes pre-filled with the cooling liquid and never requires and priming or refilling.
Dual Radiator


The 240mm top mounted radiator is cooled with two 120mm fans. The fans use wide and low pitch blades for much improved static pressure to noise ratio. This significantly improves the cooling efficiency at low noise levels. The top mounted radiator also provides wide surface area allowing for maximum cooling.
Corsair Link


Hydro Series H100 comes with a built in corsair link which means that additional hardware is no longer needed for connecting to the motherboard. To download the corsair link software, all you need to do is to connect the Corsair cable to the USB header of the motherboard. The software allows to adjusting the cooling performance right from your desktop.

Tool –Free Modular Design


The cooling kit is compatible with both Intel and AMD line of processor. Its Tool-free multi magnetic mounting bracket design makes for easy installment.

Large-diameter, Flexible Piping

With its larger diameter tubes and resilient copper cold plates, it ensures minimal coolant evaporation for longer life, flexibility and superb leak protection.


Final Verdict

The upgrade took some years to come but it definitely was worth the wait. The new series get the upgrade in every meaningful area making it the best water cooling kit produces by Corsair so far. There are some design constraints but as far as the performance is concerned, it has been significantly improved over the previous version. It is aesthetically much more attractive and also allows for installation, easier than ever. The Corsair Link has set a whole new level customization, with you being able to monitor the temperature at your desktop and control the fan rpm and several other variables. No doubt it is corsair’s best water cooling kit so far and perhaps the best in the market too.


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