Best Z97 Gaming Motherboard

Gamers and game enthusiasts need to take a lot of big decisions while building their PCs. You need to have the right processors, memory, graphics card, power supply and case so that they meet your performance requirement and also fall within your budget. But the most important component that all should consider is the Motherboard. The motherboard in a computer is one of the most important components in the whole system. Motherboard is responsible for the different interconnections and inter communications between the components so that they work together to build up what we know as the PC. Thus as a gamer you must be wondering which motherboard should I get? Which is the best Z97 Gaming Motherboard?


Have you checked the latest Z97 gaming motherboard of MSI? Combining performance and unmatchable features this can be termed as the best Z97 gaming motherboard. MSI has always been dedicated to the development of advanced technology. Through this technology, MSI brings forth smart applications that make life easier and convenient. At MSI we design motherboards to provide the best gaming experience to all gamers. Backed by the imposing looks of MSI’s Dragon, each motherboard is an engineering masterpiece tailored to gaming perfection. Take a closer look at the features that sets this piece of engineering different from others in its class.

  • Unbelievable speed of data transfer:

The MSI Z97 gaming motherboard comes with an awesome data transfer speed of 10 Gb/s making it 67% faster than the existing SATA 3.0 solutions. Thus you can now enjoy blazing fast boot up and high speed loading of applications. We offer the next generation of high speed storage support through M.2 and SATA Express. SATA Express provides a new dimension in high speed storage through PCI Express, providing more bandwidth for the latest generation SSDs.


  • Reward your ears with true quality:

With the MSI Audio Boost 2 get ready to hear crystal clear sound and music. As the audio circuitry is physical isolated, there is less interference and minimum distortion, providing you with the best audio quality. With the Sound Blaster Cinema 2, you’re getting amazing surround sound with just stereo headphones or speakers.


  • Better signal transmission over USB: Most motherboards do not provide a constant 5V power supply to all its USB ports. But the Z97 motherboard from MSI provides a constant supply of 5V to all its USB ports. Indeed MSI brings to you the best Z97 gaming motherboard.


  • Killer E2200 Game Networking: Tired of lags while playing online games? The E2220 game intelligent network platform provides the best network performance for online games and high quality streaming media. It provides lowest latency for games and accelerates game traffic ahead of other networks. Thus kill all your game lags with the best Z97 gaming motherboard.



  • Top quality and stability: This motherboard comes with military class 4 components which ensure the stable running of your PC under extreme gaming conditions. The Hi-C-Cap is the most energy efficient capacitor; the Super Ferrite Choke runs at a 35 degree Celsius lower temperature, and have a 30% higher current capacity, a 20% improvement in power efficiency and better overclocking power stability while the Dark Cap provides lower equivalent series resistance.


  • Focus on quality and protection: The best Z97 gaming motherboard will ensure circuit protection, protection against humid and high temperature conditions; ESD and EMI protection and cuts power usage so that you can save up to 29% power usage. To achieve the highest quality the MSI GAMING motherboards are developed by our most senior engineers on the most advanced production lines. We design products combining intelligent technology with versatile styles.


  • OC genie 4: Just hit the button to give your PC another adrenaline shot. This motherboard provides the latest OC genie 4 which is the world’s first built-in hardware overclocking technology on motherboards. Delivering up to 20% of free extra performance for the CPU, memory and GPU.


  • Select the desired mode with a click: Smooth and user friendly features combine together with intelligent technology to make this MSI motherboard the best Z97 gaming motherboard. It allows you to tune your PC and toggle between the silent, gaming and OC mode without any technical knowledge of overclocking.


Besides it provides 3 slots for graphics card, super power charger, dragon heat sink, smart fan control and USB red drivers.


Without the best Z97 gaming motherboard you cannot install quality components into your system . Thus always choose a motherboard that fits your needs, and comes from a reputed manufacturer like MSI and is well received by consumers and experts. Hence for all gamers; you deserve the best Z97 gaming motherboard. After all it is the quality of your motherboard that will determine the performance of your system.

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