Extreme Gaming Computers

Interested In Extreme Gaming Computers?

If your a big fan of PC gaming then extreme gaming computers are something that should be high on your ‘too get’ list. If you have the money to spend and want a computer that has a ridiculous amount of power and will play today’s and tomorrows games at the highest setting then read on as we discuss some extreme gaming computers that you should be interested in.

Extreme gaming computers are specifically designed to give you maximum performance in every single area. This is why you pay the price you do for them, because the people that put these computer together have agonized and tested to the extreme every component to make sure it is the best choice. You are paying for the time put in to make sure that that extreme gaming computers that people buy will function to the very extreme in every possible way.

So lets look at a few extreme gaming computer. These are ones we have tried and tested and were blown away by and recommend for you.

Microtel Computer® AMTI9092

Starting off with one of the most extreme gaming computer out there and, this is an expensive bit of kit, but boy are you getting your moneys worth.

Lets look  at some of the incredible specs it has to offer you. Lets start with one of the most important things and that is the processor. The Intel Core i7-3930K processor in this build is very powerful and unlocked for overclocking. It has an amazing 6 cores which work all at the same time to process the most demanding of games with ease.

Next up is the mind boggling 32GB of DDR3 RAM included. This is more than enough and will make it  future proof for many years to come no matter what new games come out. With this computer you really are investing in your gaming future as you will not need to upgrade or buy a new computer for a long long time.

The Microtel Computer® AMTI9092 come with 2 hard drives. One is a 2TB fast hard drive, andthe  other is a huge 480GB SSD SATA II. Remember that an ssd hard drive is the fastest type of hard drive out there so you can run a massive amount of top games on this drive, and the information transfer speeds will be incredible.

Lets now look at the graphics card. The Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDRR5 Video Card is one of fastest graphics cards currently available and will easily handle the most intense high end graphical games at the present, not only that it will handle the games for years to come.

All these amazing components are housed in a beautiful looking liquid cooled case.

Microtel Computer® TI6029

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the kind of money to buy our first recommended gaming computer. The Microtel Computer® TI6029 still falls into the category of extreme gaming computers. It is a lot cheaper but don’t let that be of any concern it is still a great gaming computer.  Lets take a closer look at some of its features.

It comes with the Intel Core i7-3770K quad core processor which is again unlocked for overclocking. Although it has 4 cores compared to the 6 of the Intel Core i7-3930K, 4 is easily enough for today’s and tomorrows games.

It has 16GB of DDR3 RAM which really is still a huge amount seeing as most modern games only use up to 4GB.

It has a 1TB hard drive and also a 120 GB SSD III. This again is easily enough for most people and offers one of the fastest gaming experiences.

The graphics card is the ATI Radepm HD 7850, which is a highly powerful and very capable graphics card and will be for many y.ears


So here are a couple of choices for all those fans of of extreme gaming computers. We hope you can decide on one of them. Happy gaming from all at gamingbuild.com.


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