Good Cheap Gaming Computers – Our pick

We take a look at some good cheap gaming computers

good cheap gaming computers


More than efficacy, the world appreciates the spirit of optimization. Striking a balance between cost and efficiency holds the key to a great product. Investing minimum quantum of your money and getting the maximum possible returns is the norm, more so given the futile state of the economy! The computer gaming industry is facing stiff competition from the various mobile platforms, and PC manufacturers are increasingly improvising to reduce costs and increase user experience to ensure sustained sales. Our team went through various good cheap gaming computers to pick the best of the lot. While arriving at the best cheap gaming desktop was the final motive, we have narrowed down the hunt to two good cheap gaming computers, reviewed below for reader reference and clarity –


CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 Desktop

With bold looks at a low price range, the CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA880 will certainly grab the attention of those on the lookout for the best cheap gaming computer. The desktop provides an unparalleled experience when it comes both gaming and high-definition entertainment. The processor featured is a FX4100 Quad Core unit with a clock rate of 3.6 GHz ideal for enhanced functions. Bundled with a DDR3 SDRAM of 8 GB capacity along with a hard disk of 1 TB SATA III specifications @ 7200rpm, this machine means business. The graphics coprocessor is a dedicated unit from NVIDIA, known to make high end graphics cards – the GT610 version bundled in this unit certainly handles graphic-heavy applications without much ado.

The desktop comes with Windows 7 64-Bit version and has a range of connectivity options to ensure enhanced user experience. Connectivity options include 6 USB 2.0 ports. However, the optical drive is a slight hitch with the absence of Blu-ray. This cannot be expected at such a low price range and it is only apt that the desktop features a 24x DVD-RW optical drive. Priced at approximately 600$, this certainly is one of the best cheap gaming desktops in the market.


iBuyPower Gamer Power AM649FX


From the outset, this machine has been built to do its task – be one of the good cheap gaming computers. Not only does it do that, it goes on to be one of the best cheap gaming desktop! With a no-nonsense and simple design, it is the internal parts which do the talking. With a similar FX4100 Quad Core processor clocked at a higher 3.8GHz speed, the desktop is ideal for heavy-usage. Unlike the CyberPowerPC gamer ultra GUA880 desktop, this desktop is bundled with rival AMD’s Radeon HD6450 equally capable as its competitor in NVIDIA. While this unit comes with a 1TB hard drive too, the speed of the same is at 5400rpm which is lower compared to the aforementioned PC. The unit is certainly a must buy for all the gaming buffs, and is a steal at around $500 a piece, cheaper by $100 vis-à-vis the GUA880.


Having covered the best cheap desktop gaming PCs, the onus is upon the reader to weigh the options as per his/her requirements. Buying the PC suitable for one’s need will certainly go a long way in making the end result a rewarding one.

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