Intel i7 3770k Review

Looking for a comprehensive Intel i7 3770k Review. Then read on…


This Intel i7 3770k Review came to the conclusion that this is one of the fastest CPU’s currently available in the market. It belongs to the Ivy Bridge family of processors. Intel’s Core i7 3960X is is its nearest competitor, but the 6-core CPU actually doesn’t come near the 3770K. Even in the AMD CPU line, there is no processor that could give the 3770K a run for its money.

Lets get stuck into this Intel i7 3770k Review, by looking into the specs of this CPU. It has a clock speed of 3.5GHz that can reach up too 3.9GHz with its new Turbo technology. The quad-core processor has 8 threads, 8MB memory and runs on the Intel LGA 1155 socket.

In comparison with the 2700K, the GPU performance for the Intel i7 3770k was almost 50% better. Coupled with a powerful graphics card, this can make the most demanding games play with smooth frame rates and on the highest settings without any trouble.

During this Intel i7 3770k Review it was found that this processor is compatible with Z75, Z77, Q75, Q77, H77 and B75 motherboards. The Z77 is the recommended chipset because of its higher number of features. Compared to the Sandy Bridge, the new generation has improvements like PCIe 3.0, SSD-HDD hybrid cache and USB 3.0 support. All of these features mean better current and future compatibility.

In addition, the i7 3770k CPU uses the new 3D transistors that were launched by Intel last year. This feature further enables many other improvements. Because the Intel i7 3770k is designed for high-end users, it comes loaded with integrated graphics that could run a maximum of 3 independent displays. It also supports InTru 3D, HD video conferencing and HDMI 1.4a.

Intel has added a hardware-based RNG and system for protection against malware. The adjustments made to over clocking support enable higher limits, real-time adjustments, support for XMP version 1.3 and fine-tuned control on DDR frequencies.

The Ivy Bridge series becomes a little hotter compared to the Sandy Bridge. However, this was taken as an expected point in this Intel i7 3770k Review because of the smaller architecture. For gamers, this shouldn’t be of any concern because it is still possible to achieve high-end over clocking with air, and the cooling delivers some unbelievable results.

Overall, the Intel i7 3770k offers many performance benefits over the previous architecture. There is more energy efficiency and lots of potential when it comes to over clocking. Gamers would know that the 3770K doesn’t face  competition from any other CPU manufacturer. Thus, this Intel i7 3770k Review found that this processor is bart the new i7 4770k the top chip for a new gaming build. While Sony and Microsoft are coming with their PC-like consoles, in terms of hardware, gamers can look forward to using the i7 3770k to make their custom gaming rig and get even better performance.


We hope this Intel i7 3770k Review has given you a good insight into this very impressive processor.

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