Samsung 840 500gb Review

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This Samsung 840 500gb Review found that this is the first drive of its kind. It is unique in the type of NAND that has been used in it – a Triple Level Cell NAND. Samsung claims to be the pioneer in bringing this technology in drives to the market. It is a highly fast and reliable SSD, and banks on Samsung’s impressive SSD Memory Controller. Relatively, even the most advanced new PCs don’t feature an SSD drive with 500 GB capacity.

The Samsung 840 500 GB is a great drive for a gamer who cannot do with a regular HDD. It would allow you to boot your PC within 15 seconds. There are many other features that make this SSD the ideal choice for different types of users who need faster PC operations.

Tests conducted during this Samsung 840 500gb Review revealed that the drive helps improve the system’s energy efficiency. Battery life was found to improve by as much as 50 minutes. While the brushed metal case keeps the dust out, the solid-state design offers shock resistance and protects the data.

The Samsung 840 500 GB SSD offers a high level of data security through its AES 256-bit encryption. One of the keys to this SSD’s reliability is its fourth-generation triple-core Samsung MDX Controller. It is thin and lightweight, which makes it extremely easy to carry around. It has a thickness of just 7mm and weighs around 2 oz.

Its highly efficient design combined with no moving parts helps in minimal battery consumption. Compared to a standard HDD or SSD, you could use your laptop for almost 1 hour more. If you have a Windows 8 system with a Haswell chipset, the power consumption would further be reduced because this drive supports Device Sleep mode.

This Samsung 840 500gb Review claims that this drive is the ideal upgrade for any PC. Its unrivaled IOPS performance combined with the basic 3-Step migration support makes it an unmatched upgrade for your PC. With the Smart Migration software from Samsung, there is no need to tax yourselves with moving data or the OS into the drive. Multitasking and gaming becomes flawless once the drive is set.

That Samsung is the leading supplier of SSD, NAND Flash and DRAM, gives much more credit to the Samsung SSD 840 Series. The specially designed garbage collection and wear-leveling algorithms help this drive to deliver unmatched reliability, continual and outstanding performance.

During this Samsung 840 500gb Review, both gaming and everyday task becames smoother and faster on both laptop and desktop PC.

It is difficult to find a drive that offers the level of speeds for reading, writing and multitasking. You could enjoy highly intensive PC games, instantly download graphics and run multiple applications without any need to wait.

Whether you want to make that powerful gaming rig or breathe new life into your old PC, this Samsung 840 500gb Review claims that it would be ideal to choose this unique SSD. This Samsung 840 Series is the perfect combination of speed and storage space.


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